Chattanooga Provides Best Practices for Community Broadband Planning

I think it’s safe to say that quite a few people involved with broadband projects feel they don’t know all they should about what’s needed to make these projects successful. Hang in there. Help is on the way.

Luckily, we have a fair number of broadband stimulus projects well on their way to success across the country. There also are many projects funded from other sources that are doing well, some of which have been highlighted on my radio talk show, Gigabit Nation.

On the other hand, there also are projects struggling. This string of comments on LinkedIn highlights what I mean – (you may have to cut and past the link). Plus there are plenty of communities still trying to get past the drawing board. New perspectives and new strategies to boost broadband adoption efforts would help quite a few projects.

For those in trouble, in doubt or just plain in search of solid best practices for creating an effective strategy to bring better, faster broadband to your community, I present – Winning the Battle for Better Broadband: Lessons learned from Chattanooga and others building successful networks. I’m dissecting and analyzing steps Chattanooga took to create a successful gigabit network, plus adding information from many other communities to create a big-picture view of best practices for using broadband to impact local economic development.

I’m addressing these and other important issues:

  • Consensus building among and between a variety of stakeholder groups;
  • Broadband adoption tactics for underserved communities;
  • Aligning technology initiatives with business objectives created through effective needs assessments;
  • Using broadband to create personal wealth;
  • Guidelines from vendors and service providers on how to best work with them to get what you need;
  • Funding strategies that include creating public private partnerships, co-ops, and financing efforts such as issuing stock; and
  • Taking advantage of early successes as you move to full deployment

I’m throwing out a lot of the rules of “traditional” book publishing to create a better resource for those of you pursuing broadband. I’m using Kickstarter to fund much of the development, relying on many of you who’ve enjoyed my writings and presentations.

This is going to be an e-book so I can make Chattanooga’s and other communities’ stories come alive. I’m actively seeking communities, service providers and others involved with broadband to provide vital content.

Using social networks and crowdsourcing, I expect this book to be easier/faster to write while giving a greater voice to the people in the trenches who are making broadband happen. More importantly, in the end I expect to have a better “book” plus a great digital resource that lives and grows as broadband technology and business strategies evolve.

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  1. Craig, we are hosting another 48Hour Launch next weekend…check it out!

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