Happy 3rd anniversary, Gigabit Nation! Check out the 10 most popular interviews

A humongous Thank you! to all of you listeners and supporters of Gigabit Nation.

Three years ago today, with a month’s worth of guests booked, one sponsor (Hiawatha Broadband Communications) and just a general idea of where this would end up, Gigabit Nation launched. The only radio talk devoted to helping organizations improve the sad state of broadband in these United States.

My first guest was Jim Ingraham, VP of Strategic Research for Chattanooga’s public utility and fiber network operator, EPB (Check out the interview). Tomorrow, I’m in Chattanooga to celebrate the show’s third anniversary in a special 90-minute live interview of some of the key leaders and stakeholders who have contributed to the success of the city’s now famous gig network.

We’ll highlight some of the major milestones the city has reached thanks to its network, as well as take a peek at Chattanooga’s gig future. I’ll also be review some of the high points in Gigabit Nation’s 3-year run.

My guests and I have created nearly 200 hours of solid advice, community success stories, broadband policy discussions and future outlooks. Monthly live and downloaded listens have gone from a couple of thousand to 15,000. When Gigabit Nation speaks, people listen: broadband project teams, elected officials, local broadband stakeholders, policymakers, vendors and service providers of all stripes.

Here in reverse order are the 10 most popular interviews since Gigabit Nation 2011 launch:

10.  16 Meg Muni WiFi Network – Chattanooga Continues to Rock!

9.  Gigabit Innovation Rises from Chattanooga’s Testbed

8.  Post-Sandy, the Future of Broadband and Smart Grid

7.  FTTH Conf, Tue: Smart Grid Economics, Kutztown Magic, UTOPIA

6.  The Big News about Google Fiber in Kansas City?

5.  Closing the Digital Divide in KC, One Neighborhood at a Time

4.  Maximize Broadband As An Economic Development Asset

3.  WISPs: Tips for Better Engaging These Broadband Stars

2.  $25 Million Broadband Success Story in Maine!

1.  Crowdfunding to Pay for Broadband Networks? Yes, Please.

I’m looking forward to another great year of awesome interviews, as well as your continued support and listenership.

Btw, you company execs who are trying to increase your presence in the community broadband market – you really should consider being a Gigabit Nation sponsor. Ping me! Let’s talk.

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