Hurricane Sandy, Broadband & Smart Grids, Campaign 2012, and Other Trending Topics

Everyday this week, Gigabit Nation brings listeners some pretty deep discussions about interesting topics that involve broadband changing the way we do what we do, or changing our approach to getting broadband where it needs to be. Work your way through this collection of interviews to get a leg up on some of your project challenges.

The Adapt & Perform Broadband Strategy in Sibley County

Sibley County, MN offers an exciting, on-going story of adjusting on the fly to the many changes that can take place as you deploy broadband. Listening to their story reinforces why it is so important for stakeholders to keep their eyes on the prize despite the distractions and detours that they encounter.

Evolving Role of Regional Co-ops in Community Broadband

Cooperatives (co-ops) are going to be a game changer and an accelerator for community broadband. Gigabit Nation digs into the successes co-ops have delivered so far, and explores what future progress to expect in this area.

Post-Sandy, the Future of Broadband and Smart Grid

There are clear lines between highspeed broadband and its potential to impact smart grids’ ability to improve emergency preparation and response. Our guests help listeners understand in layperson’s terms what communities and their utility companies need to do to put useful changes in place.

Broadband & Change. Will Politics Ever Be the Same?

This interview explores Internet technology’s impact on several aspects of campaigning in a host of 2012 House and Senate races. We also give listeners an understanding of how increasing broadband deployments and adoption may impact not only the electoral process, but also the process of governing when the campaign is over.

Access Trumps Availability in Drive for Broadband

Arkansas State Senator Linda Chesterfield explains why broadband stakeholders need to understand the difference between availability and access, and why this difference matters to those driving broadband adoption. Having Internet access available offers limited value if the people who need it can’t access it.

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