New Report Preps You for Broadband Grant Gauntlet

I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone the past couple of weeks writing my next Muni Broadband Snapshot Report. While you’re waiting, biting your fingernails wondering what the final NTIW/RUS guidelines will be for the broadband grant app process, there’s a lot you should be doing. This report lays it out for you.

Check it out – Fighting the Next Good Fight: A planning guide.

Rather than try to create an insider’s cheat sheet on what the rules will be and how to beat them, this report gives you a solid foundation for writing a strong grant proposal once we know what the rules are.

Ten representatives from rural and urban areas share their experiences and insights as to what significant impacts you should expect a funded network to achieve, as well as how you can sustain a network after it’s built. They address the importance of partnerships to network success, and offer advice on ways to tackle the grant applications process.

Based on this feedback and insights from the many public meetings on implementing the broadband stimulus bill, I offer recommendations for developing your broadband strategy and the business plan that should shape your grant application. To round things out, I present some useful tips from a couple of Washington, D.C. insiders.

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