Top 10 Gigabit Nation Interviews for 2014

Chattanooga 2When Gigabit Nation speaks…the show racks up over 100,000 listens in 2015 for its live and archived shows. Here are the Top 10 Interviews for 2014 that helped the show pass this pretty amazing threshold. Thank you to all the fans and supporters who continue to make the show a big success.

There are currently over 200 hours of interviews covering many aspects of broadband, making this the most extensive audio resource for community broadband. Gigabit Nation should be bookmarked for every broadband project team and community stakeholder who want faster, better broadband for their constituents.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke

Interview with Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke for Gigabit Nation 3rd. Anniversary show.

As we get into full swing in 2015, expect plenty more good interviews, especially with the White House and Senate pushing aggressively to end states’ anti-public network laws. In addition, it seems every week there’s a new public network being planned or launched, and an increasing number of success stories. Also expect highspeed and data-heavy applications to become a bigger part of our news-you-can-use landscape. Gigabit Nation will continue to bring you the folks who are getting broadband done.

And just in case you missed it, Jan 23rd was the re-scheduled interview with Cedar Falls, IA to discuss President Obama’s visit to celebrate their utility’s 20-year broadband success story and rev up support for public-owned networks. We also noted how Iowa’s 28 public utility-owned broadband networks are profiles in success that other U.S. communities can emulate.

Top 10 Interviews (beginning with the most popular) 

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