Utah State Senators, Let the Market Decide on Broadband

Text of letter sent to Utah state senators opposing SB190, Amendment 2

Dear Senators:

Let the market – your constituents – decide on broadband!

SB190 was supposed to codify a routine municipal accounting procedure designed to advance a local broadband decision by Utah communities, but instead it has been poisoned with an anti-free market amendment – Amendment 2. As champions of smaller government, shouldn’t you be rushing to kill Amendment 2, and proceeding with the bill as written when it passed committee?

Macquarie Capital has come to Utah’s with over $100 billion in assets, much of which they want to invest in Utah communities to move broadband forward. This is a huge potential investment in Utah on which Amendment 2 of SB190 slams the door. How fiscally irresponsible is that?

Broadband is one of the best economic engines that communities large and small can harness. Over 300 communities across the U.S. successfully own and operate broadband networks that are transforming their local economies. Rational people would expect Utah state legislators to welcome the opportunity to replicate these successes.

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Utah senators say they believe in the market. Well, the market is comprised of those individuals, local businesses and organizations in a city or county that pay for broadband, or pay the price for not having adequate broadband.

When a market in Utah says it is not getting the broadband services it needs or wants, that market has spoken. When the duly elected local governments and their constituents decide that the community should own the network, in whatever partnership or other arrangement that best benefits them, that market has decided.

If Utah senators oppose big government intrusion and believe in the market, then let the Utah markets choose what they believe is their best solutions and the best way to pay for those solutions. Let the markets decide. Please reject SB190.

Craig Settles

Broadband industry analyst and advocate

Click here to email the entire Senate body and voice your opposition! They need to hear from you.

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