Debunking Telco Myths about Community Broadband

Tonight Longmont, CO, the community that derailed Comcast’s $300,000 effort to kill their muni broadband plans, learns some of the first details on how they may move this project forward. The consultant hired by the Longmont Power and Communications public utility presents its recommendations to city council for bringing faster, better broadband to town.

Two rather predictable things are happening that those of us following community broadband have seen many times before: 1) constituents, particularly business owners, are lining up to be subscribers way before the network is even finished; and 2) telcos are beginning a vigorous whisper campaign full of myths and distorted information about community broadband.

The former will only accelerate as launch date for the network gets closer. The myths and distortions will continue as well, so the Longmont’s broadband team is going to have to get into the thick of things with some serious myth busting. I devote a whole chapter in my new book, Building the Gigabit City, to how to effectively overcome the political adversity that most broadband projects will face at some point.

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