The Gigabit Nation Top 10 for 2012

In August 2011, I launched the Gigabit Nation radio talk show to provide public, private and nonprofit organizations with valuable information to help them get broadband everywhere it needs to be. 120 interviews and over 18,000 listeners later, this show is firmly established as a key community broadband news and information resource.

Here are the top 10 shows from 2012 based on audience size.


#10.  WISPs: Tips for Better Engaging These Broadband Stars

This interview establishes a clear case for why communities, policymakers and government agencies need to facilitate a greater involvement of Wireless ISPs in meeting key broadband needs. Well established in rural areas, they are increasing their impact in urban communities as well.

#9.  Co-ops – Broadband’s Way Forward in 2012?

A year ago, I posed this question. Is it still valid for 2013? Probably more so. Wally Bowen, a long-standing community broadband champion, offers good insights many communities should take to heart as they pursue their own networks.

#8.  The Future of Super WiFi Starts Here in N. Carolina

In 2012, interest in white space technology burned white hot in some quarters. Is this technology “real” and if so, what does it mean potentially for community broadband? The show addresses these and other burning questions.

#7.  Post-Sandy, the Future of Broadband and Smart Grid

Hurricane Sandy spotlighted the vulnerability of the nation’s electric grid system as well as the valuable role broadband plays improving the grid’s performance. Communities with public utilities that also have broadband in the mix were among the first to have power returned after Sandy hit.

#6.  $25 Million Broadband Success Story in Maine!

Maine was the broadband stimulus success story of the year, with their $25 million Three Ring Binder project finishing on time and under budget. Learn how they did that.

#5.  Closing the Digital Divide in KC, One Neighborhood at a Time

Ridgedale interview

It’s easy to say you want to close the digital divide. But the only way to get broadband to the less fortunate is by taking it to the streets, the community centers and churches, neighborhood by neighborhood. This interview includes KC folks (pictured above) directly touched by digital inclusion.

#4.  The Big News about Google Fiber in Kansas City?

Get the inside scoop from this mid-year report on what KC is planning for their gigabit network. Ok, not everyone can have Google in their back yards. But these guests present some practical and powerful tactics other communities can replicate.

#3.  16 Meg Muni WiFi Network – Chattanooga Continues to Rock!

In 2005, Muni WiFi was an idea ahead of the technology of its time. Chattanooga shows what’s possible when you back up an outdoor WiFi network with a gigabit backhaul.

#2.  Gigabit Innovation Rises from Chattanooga’s Testbed

How do you get great gigabit apps? Bring 11 teams of creative students and entrepreneurs to a city that’s got a gig network and turn them loose for the summer. The results are impressive.

#1.  Crowdfunding to Pay for Broadband Networks? Yes, Please.

“Show me the money” is always a popular topic on gigabit Nation, but this show about crowdfunding community broadband networks was a clear chart buster. Check this out and see if this is just what your community needs to launch its broadband effort.

I look forward to bringing you many more great interviews this year. Embed the audio player (located on the show’s homepage) and liven up your Web site or blog. If you’re on Facebook, “Like” Gigabit Nation and get a heads up on all the shows.

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