Can’t Afford Broadband for Your Community? Think again.

I spent Monday and Tuesday this week at the Freedom to Connect (F2C) conference in DC, which was a great event on many levels. One truly cool aspect was hanging out with a bunch of advocates and doers who believe in the power of communities finding their best broadband solutions (from a myriad of public, private and nonprofit options) to address the dismal state of broadband in the US.

With this as a backdrop, I launched my latest Community Broadband Snapshot Report, “Getting Off the Dime: Finding Alternative Sources to Fund Community Broadband Networks.” It is what the title suggests, a document to get people moving to find new ways of funding broadband buildouts.

This excerpt from the Introduction cuts to the chase as to why you, your project team, community stakeholders and everyone else who cares about the quality of broadband in your area need to read this document today.

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