Want a Successful Stock Offering for Community Broadband? Partnerships Are Key

One way to shut down the outrageous opposition incumbents throw in front of community broadband projects is for communities to become, literally, stockholders in the network. The way the Green Bay Packers do it. They raised $70 million in five weeks selling $250 stock shares Dec – Jan. The worst time of year during one of the worse recessions in history.

Say what you will about the team’s playoff performance, the city of Green Bay totally kicks butt when it comes to displaying their prowess as community owners of a vital economic asset. Communities across the U.S. that want better broadband can learn from them – and replicate their success, though maybe on a smaller dollar scale and a longer timeline. But in the end, they should have the kind of highspeed broadband that improves economic development, healthcare delivery, education and several other vital functions that benefit individuals and local businesses.

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