A [Really Short] Thanksgiving Gift List

The word on the street is that many of you like reading my insights, observations and recommendations on effective broadband strategies and policies. Cool deal! It’s great to be able to contribute valuable input to the national (and many local) discussion. I thank you for your continued readership and support.

I’ve also been getting feedback that some of you aren’t aware of what I do for a living, or how what I do can help your particular broadband project. <sigh> Another case of the cobbler’s kids having no shoes or smartphones or too many lights hidden under bushels or something.

Turkey Day inspired an idea. Though most of us are just becoming occupied with Christmas gift lists, what about Thanksgiving gifts? I know, probably no one’s dropped a subtle hint about what they’d like for T-day other than a Food Coma Recovery Couch. Being mindful of tight budgets and short tempers, here’s my Thanksgiving gift wish list.

In exchange for all the broadband knowledge I’ve passed your way that you’ve found helpful, how about  recommending one of my services to a colleague, friend, business partner, broadband project team or vendor who can use it? It’s one gift sure to benefit everyone involved. They get a service that helps their bottomline. I continue being able to afford the time to pump valuable content into the public domain. You continue getting that content.

Here’s the lineup of what I do to help folks get better, faster broadband to where it’s needed.

First, I have this kickin’ radio show, Gigabit Nation. It’s doing well, lots of people listen in and the lineup of guests continue to be awe-inspiring. However, I can use a couple of sponsors. The technology that makes Gigabit Nation run is integrated with social media networks, allowing me to offer sponsors a great marketing triple play that makes marketing people giddy.

I also have the only broadband strategy guide on the market, Fighting the Next Good Fight: Bringing True Broadband to Your Community. I should have an e-version ready for sale just in time for the holidays.

Some folks don’t have budget to bring on a consultant for a full-blown engagement. Others like to take a consultant out on a test drive before signing on the dotted line. I have an app for that! Ok, just kidding. I do have a workshop for that, though. Several, actually. Whether it’s to make your staff more sufficient handling the tasks at hand, or help them make better decisions, you can’t go wrong with a workshop.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about vendors and ISPs. Sure, I’m a community broadband mover and shaker. But for 25 years before that I was a marketing guy for tech companies. I have a couple of marketing services that unite my past and my current lives. Let’s get crackin’ putting the word out folks, there are sales leads waiting to be generated!

Btw, I’m still a great candidate for your basic, all-around broadband consulting gig.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to give thanks for all the little things that make life great and worth living.

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