What’s Your Broadband Story?

Do you have a “Broadband Drives Economic Development” story to tell? As a supplement to my national survey of economic development professionals I’m writing a progress report on who’s actually accomplishing specific economic outcomes with their broadband networks (wired, wireless, community-owned, public private partnership, whatever you’ve got).

One of the biggest pushbacks broadband champions of all stripes hear is that there’s not a direct link between broadband and economic development. I’m looking for stories from around the country – rural areas, urban cities, a group of farmers broad-banding together, a dozen assisted living buildings linked by a common computing center, pilot projects or done deals.

You don’t have to write your whole story here in the Comments section. I just need the high points such as “We built x-type of network in y-location for some number of subscribers and achieved z-results.

I do need a way to get back with you because I’ll have a few questions about the particulars of your project and your outcomes.” You can e-mail me (craig @cjspeaks. com) if you don’t want your contact info out there for the world to see.

The survey closes today (8/31). I’m starting interviews next week, so you want to hurry up and get your story in the queue for consideration. By the time I release the survey report on September 19, I hope to have all of these interviews completed.

The end product is going to be pretty cool and very informative, which means great exposure for your project. So, whataya got for me?


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