The World Wide Wait is Over in Pulaski, TN

Today I begin a two-day broadband site visit in Chattanooga, TN to check out the progress of their public utility’s (EPB) broadband network. One of the objectives of the visit is to put a face (well, several faces, really) on community broadband success.

Incumbent telcos, cable companies and their allies like to attack community networks by portraying them as failures. But in reality, over 130 of these networks are up and running quite successfully, thank you very much.

Chattanooga has done an excellent job promoting their successes, and the hits keep on coming. But they’re not the only superstars in Tennessee. I’ve interviewed Dan Speers a couple of times. He’s Executive Director of the Pulaski-Giles County Economic Development Council.

As I’m running around gathering all kinds of interesting stories and insights from Chattanooga, this is a good lead-in article for you to get a feel for what’s happening in this state.

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