Day 4 – The Battle for North Carolina Broadband

Well, so much for the value of representative democracy. That concept took a big hit yesterday. Community representatives in N. Carolina were led to believe by state house member Avila, “author” of this Time Warner anti-community network bill, that she was bringing both sides of the bill together yesterday to discuss a fair resolution to this issue.

Representative Avila seemed to hold the same view I expressed in my last report, that every year NC goes through this same Time-Warner-driven ordeal and after much wailing, gnashing of teeth and victory by consumers, a nasty bill gets defeated. So let’s come up with some rational plan that makes sense.

So what happens? Lawyers from city governments with broadband networks and representatives of various city and county associations show up with well thought out ideas for ways to get broadband delivered that benefits all parties. Rep. Avila promptly turns over the meeting to Time Warner’s lawyer who takes control of the meeting, rambles on about why community networks are a threat to TW and doesn’t allow community representatives a word in edgewise.

Rep. Avila concludes this farce of an attempt at representing both sides by siding with Time Warner to declare that the bill in all its pro-corporate, anti-community glory will stay as written, and be brought before the Assembly’s Public Utility Committee mid-next week (check back for exact time).

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