N. Carolina’s Broadband Fight for Freedom to Choose is Now!

Well, this looks like the year Time Warner and other incumbents bring a true scorched earth approach to their quest to eliminate N. Carolina communities’ right to make their own best decisions about saving and expanding local economies. This latest anti-muni network bill is the most expansive legislator-facilitated attack on community freedom I’ve seen in the incumbents’ Seven Years War on community networks.

You can read all the details here. It’s ironic that this bill restricting communities’ ability to address local economic, healthcare and education issues is spearheaded by state legislators who likely scream bloody murder about the Fed’s intruding into NC’s business. Hypocrisy!

The other irony is that you have a Democratic administration in DC with a national broadband plan that encourages community networks, but a Time Warner bill to smother such efforts in NC has more Dems than you’d expect supporting the bill. Disappointment!

Communities that reject the hypocrisy and the disappointment need to rally and aggressively fight against this bill, even if you don’t live in the state. Rest assured that an incumbent win in the Carolinas is going to lead to escalated attacks on community networks in other states.

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