Mr. President, Put Broadband’s Destiny in Communities’ Hands

Last month I wrote that broadband needs a JFK, meaning it needs a visionary and political champion to articulate a goal for broadband that’s almost as awe-inspiring and mountain-moving as our goal to land on the moon set by JFK in 1961. So I was pretty pleased to hear broadband get a shout out from the podium at President Obama’s SOTU speech.

Within the next five years, we’ll make it possible for businesses to deploy the next generation of high-speed wireless coverage to 98 percent of all Americans. This isn’t just about —  this isn’t about faster Internet or fewer dropped calls. It’s about connecting every part of America to the digital age.

I didn’t have a John Boehner misty-eyed lip-quiver moment, but the moment was a little warm and fuzzy. I got a call from a White House staffer right before Christmas to talk about broadband strategy, I asked them if they’d seen the JFK post, and was happy to hear that a few eyeballs there had checked it out. Sometimes it’s the little wins that keep inspiring us toward the big victories.

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