Past is Prologue: Advancing Broadband in 2011

As we roll into 2011 and another year of communities’ forward progress in the pursuit of broadband, it is helpful to take some time in January to calibrate our vision and plans to achieve those ends.

Last year in the heat of broadband stimulus craziness, I wrote numerous posts offering tips on how to create better grant applications. Much of this advice is applicable in the broader realm of planning by any community or entity wanting to build a network and deploy broadband services. I present six posts here that I feel are particularly helpful.

Read (or re-read) these, pass them on to your project team and stakeholders and get ready to get down in 2011.

It Does Matter How You Say It

Incorporate the three brief but powerful recommendations presented here into all of your written material and verbal presentations pertaining to your broadband project. You’ll be more likely to generate financial, marketing, operational and other success.

Google’s Gonna Do what!?

Google managed to steal the spotlight for a while during the stimulus program. In assessing the potential impact of their move, I offer another three recommendations broadband project teams should adhere to while laying their plans’ foundation.

National Broadband Plan? Think Globally, Act Locally.

This is my first take on the Plan. As Washington continues to disappoint us and incumbents continue to aggravate us, I believe even more strongly now that every community’s motto should be: If broadband is to be, it is up to me. Many constituents have a role to play.

Even Broadband Can Use a 12-Step Program

A skeleton upon which you can add the meat of your broadband strategy plan.

Tips for Maximizing Service Providers’ Role in Community Broadband

At a May workshop attended by many California folks who had already moved beyond hope for stimulus money and were exploring broadband tactics “for the rest of us,” local and regional service providers offered good advice on partnership development.

The Old Spice Man, the FCC’s 706 and Broadband

Speed was always an issue during the stimulus since the goals were so pathetically low, and as the program wound down, the National Broadband Plan pointed to the next multi-billion dollar funding program for which low speed goals could again be an issue. I drew a parallel to the Old Spice Man as clear indicator of why 4Mbps sucks as a goal.

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