An iPad for Your Thoughts on Broadband’s Impact on Economic Development

Calling all economic development professionals! And government and nonprofit folks involved with economic development in your community.

Here’s your opportunity to join me in influencing the national discussion on broadband, contribute valuable advice to your peers and win a very cool Apple 16GB iPad with WiFi!

We read all the time that broadband improves economic development, but what can communities realistically expect broadband to achieve? I’m partnering with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to conduct my bi-annual survey to get your views on how broadband is impacting economic development in your community.

Your input will add to broadband discussions at national, state and local levels. This survey looks at:

  1. The state of broadband in your community
  2. How wireless and wired broadband are each impacting economic development outcomes such as new business attraction, improving existing businesses and increasing individual’s earning potential
  3. Specifically how broadband impacts personal economic development
  4. Your take on several national broadband policy issues

What’s more, you have the opportunity to offer advice to other economic development professionals on how to bring broadband to their community that improves economic conditions.

Everyone talks about broadband impacting economic development, but talking’s the  easy part. For years I’ve told communities there’s a lot involved with using broadband to boost local economies, more than just building infrastructure. Also, there’s a big difference between the hype of what broadband can do and the reality. This survey lets the people who live these issues every day weigh in on the discussion. See my last survey report to see what economic development pros said then.

Knowing how much people want to get their hands on a new Apple iPad, everyone who completes the survey is automatically entered in the drawing to receive the 16GB iPad with WiFi. The winner will be announced at the IEDC annual conference on Sunday, September 26 (12:30 p.m.) when I present the survey results (you need not be present to win).

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