Craig Settles’ Broadband Question of the Day (July 28)

Today’s question comes from Mike Mathiesen, CEO of America 2.0 Inc.

How would you get the participation of the local merchants?

Getting the merchants involved with your broadband initiative, and I’ll take the liberty to include the entire business community under the “merchant” umbrella, is at once simple and challenging. The simple part of the process is showing them as convincingly as possible that they stand to do well financially in the short- and long-term.

The challenging part typically is creating a detailed picture of what their broadband needs are, then tying these needs to the quantifiable benefits that will result from matching the right set of technologies and services to address those needs. As you take these steps, local businesses will become increasingly vested in the outcome of the project. This in turn means they’ll want to participate –i.e. buy services – on the network you build.

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