My Next Broadband Strategy Webinar

Those of you who are new visitors here (and some of you regulars) should attend the bi-weekly Webinar series on broadband strategy planning I’m doing with Broadband Properties Magazine. It’s happening Wednesdays.

If you missed 12 Steps to Move Broadband From Ideas to Execution, check it out today, and also tell your colleagues about it. This session gives you a strong foundation for beginning or enhancing your broadband strategy. The Q & A is quite engaging as well. You can download the PowerPoint presentation to integrate with your planning material.

Here are the details on the next session (July 21). Sign up today!

7 Ways to Make Your Needs Assessment Pay Dividends

A broadband needs-assessment spells the difference between success or failure reaching your project’s economic development, financial and political objectives. An effective needs assessment is the heart that pumps lifeblood into every element of your broadband project, from identifying and recruiting important stakeholders to selecting the most appropriate business model. Learn how to:

  • Target the right audience
  • Determine the right questions to ask
  • Link needs with network sustainability
  • Create a marketing vehicle from your efforts

Let’s see your face in the place. To learn about the whole Webinar series, click here.

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