$10,000, Incubator Deal for Your Broadband Vision

“Worse than being blind is being able to see, but having no vision.”

Helen Keller

Earlier this week I posted a list of 12 tasks critical to the successful implementation of a community broadband network. This framework is applicable whether we’re talking public-private partnership, private, nonprofit or public ownership. We’ll explore each step here and via Communities United for Broadband’s online collaboration and social network tools.

The list leads off with vision since you need a clear, concise motivational vision to drive your broadband efforts. Vision should not be confused with desire. Everybody can say “I want a gigabit broadband connection,” but that’s desire.

Vision is more about how you’re going to elevate others’ present condition, or achieve a goal that’s unique or earthshaking in its implication. “We’re going to use a broadband network to reduce unemployment in our area 50% and increase home-based businesses 20% year over year.” That’s a vision of where you’re going and how you’ll know when you get there.

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