Death and Broadband Taxes

So, just when you think the road to broadband stimulus rewards couldn’t get any bumpier, here comes the tax man. Seems like in all the hubbub of complex rules, sleepless nights, crashing Web servers and due diligence hell, everybody overlooked a random stimulus FAQ hinting that those grant winnings could be <gasp> taxable.

Oh, the humanity!

Ever reach that point in your life where so much crap is rolling downhill that eventually a story hits and triggers an uncontrollable laughing fit? I won’t laugh (don’t need the hate mail), but this is one of those moments. I mean, talk about a nest of ants at a picnic. You manage to make it to the top of the heap, you’re starting to contemplate the fruits of your labor and here comes a tap on the shoulder and “hey, you forget about us?” Damn!

It’s probably not accurate to say that we didn’t know taxes would be an issue. But the topic was definitely at the far back corners of our minds, as well as those of the media and other observers.Truth be told, it might not even have bubbled to the surface yet hadn’t some smart-grid stimulus winners started making noise about their money not showing up and it’s been months since their awards were announced.

So the big question is, now that we’ve been splashed with the cold waters of imminent, if not confused, taxation requirements at both the federal AND state levels, what next?

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