Will NOFA Round 1 Ever End? Maybe Not

The level of frustration with NTIA/RUS’ refusal to extend the NOFA 2 application deadline has become severe. This is probably going to send some over the edge and away from the stimulus program. The result: the American taxpayer loses. If ever there was a right time for Congress to intervene, now is that time.

In the press release this week from RUS announcing their grant winners of the week, most of us (myself included) missed this item:

USDA is continuing to review broadband applications currently on file and expects to make additional announcements concerning awards throughout the current fiscal year. 

One of my contacts e-mailed to ask if this means we won’t know who all the winners are on Feb 28. NOFA 2 rules say your grant app will be disqualified if your proposed coverage area includes areas covered by  Round 1 winners. Which means you have two weeks to either scramble to adjust your application if there turns out to be duplications, or you face two weeks of sheer hell because you waited around for the Feb 28 finale.

However, what the RUS press release implies is that, like the movie Ground Hog Day, every day we wake up we’ll still be in Round 1. I sent the following message to someone I know at RUS:

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