Top 10 Prescriptions for Getting Broadband Done

Every January, analysts, bloggers and other random industry luminaries write a list of predictions for the new year. Good way to get a little visibility. If you write really well, you could sound like the original Oracle of Delphi (or Oracle of Delphia if you come from Philly).

I decided, heck with that game. I’m going to draw from observations over the past year and give you in the broadband trenches the Top 10 (IMHO) prescriptions for getting stuff done in 2010. Wanna prediction of the future? Then go make the future happen. 

1. Live in a parallel universe.

All you folks with stimulus proposals in the D.C. hopper, those waiting for Round 2, develop (and act on) the best plan you can write for getting broadband without one dollar of stimulus. I told you in March, all of you aren’t winning the brass ring! 

An applicant just e-mailed me that they think they’re close to stimulus payday. They had a serious plan for broadband a year before they had a plan for stimulus. Planning well for the former is why the team may win the latter. Of course, with the current rate of grant traffic, your parallel plan probably will pay off sooner. I’m just saying. 

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