Anti-community Broadband Bill Moving Again in North Carolina!

There are times when you have to give the Devil his due. Take Time Warner, for instance (please).

A couple of weeks ago, the good folks and local governments of N. Carolina waged digital and traditional political war against ole TW in the name of community broadband and won!   In both the state Senate and the House, bills that would have crippled community broadband were sent to committee. 

But the irrepressible Time Warner is back again with a new line of attack trying to kill community broadband in NC again. Tomorrow (Wed, 5/27) they’re going to try to divert the bill that was voted to be studied by the legislator’s Broadband Committee to an incumbent-friendly committee instead – unchanged. They figure to get their friends to hand them victory after losing the due-process portion of this legislative exercise.

Read the post. Then take action!! E-mail the state senators listed in this blog post and tell them to send the bill to the committee that actually knows what broadband is all about. 

Update – May 28

Score another win for the forces of community broadband. Yesterday the NC legislators who were planning to try to re-direct the anti-community network bill to an incumbent-friendly commitment canceled their meeting on the issue. Community activism and social networking save the day!

Thank you to everyone who helped out.

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