Get on the [Business] Case, Grace. Needs Analysis is Key

Pssst! Hey buddy, over here. Did ya hear about the growth trend in mobile computing? VC Research Group estimates the average number of wireless applications supported per enterprise user is expected to double from 3.7 today to 7.6 by 2013.

Feeling pressured to build a more competitive market presence, dramatically improve operating efficiency and fatten the bottom line? Look to mobile and wireless apps to eliminate paper and streamline operations.

The world is mobile: white collar workers, blue collar workers, senior executives, rank and file employees, civil servants, they’re all increasingly on the move. According to U.S. Census and international labor statistics early this decade, there are nearly 118 million mobile workers worldwide in the services professions alone, and 78.5 million just in wholesale and retail trade.

This frequent mobility often prevents people from working at optimum efficiently. Paper-based business systems, hours spent away from critical sources of information, and limited communication between people in motion and their co-workers or business partners decrease profitability. Improve decision making throughout the organization by giving mobile workers immediate access to mission-critical data and other valuable resources anytime they need them.

There’s a steady stream of ROI-rich case studies describing the benefits of mobile and wireless technology. The big question going through your mind, though, is probably “what about my organization? Do I have a business case, and if so, how do I find it?”

A critical first step to building a good business case is to do great needs analysis. Alas, some folks do this poorly. Here’s an article I wrote for the July/August issue of Mobile Enterprise Magazine that guides you through this critical process: Effective Needs Analysis

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